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October 23, 2018, 2:47 pm

Welcome to Anneta Studios.

You will find us in Sivota Thesprotias.

Sivota is located on the south-western coast of Thesprotia and it is 24 kilometres far from Igoumenitsa, and 450 kilometres from Athens.

It is a contemporary, picturesque, offshore village, where the green scene embraces the unique dark blue colour of the sea, creating a fabulous ensemble.

There are verdurous islands, with crystal-clear waters and wonderful beaches, scattering around the area, which seem to be an extention of the mainland.

Seldom has nature endolled so much beauty to one only area!

Having Sivota as a base, the visitor is able, through short daily trips, to get to know the attractions and the history of the inland (Necromantio-Acheron river, Souli, Parga, Ioannina, Zagorochoria, Dodoni, Metsovo, Meteora).

By little boats, one can also go around the island of Paxi, as well as visit Corfu.

Sivota is the ideal resort for unforgetable vacations and it is recommended to all visitors.


You can see Sivota Thesprotias. Just click here Google Maps.

Take a look of some videos ( Video 1,Video 2 ).


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